A Commitment To The Community

Qi Teas are prepared and traded in a true spirit of partnership with 10 remote mountain communities.

Fair Trade strives to guarantee a better deal for third world producers, ensuring not only fair prices paid for the product, but fair wages and conditions for all those involved in the harvesting and production process.

Our partnership with these communities has now extended decades. Through an initial loan, Qi Teas supported these communities to build a tea processing facility that is now fully owned by the Farmer’s Co-op, meaning that more of the economic benefits gained from each box of tea stays in these communities.

Fair Trade Standards

Fair Trade encompasses a wide range of criteria but the key points are;

  • A fair minimum price per kg of product sold.
  • Longer term trading relationships and advance payment.
  • Specific International Labour Organisation standards (such as the use of child or slave labour).

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