Basic detox tips

Basic detox tips

Drink plenty of water

For when you’re out and about it’s worthwhile investing in a decent (non-plastic) bottle that you like the look of. SIGG of Switzerland make groovy ones, or you can get stainless steel ones.

It is widely known that the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) leaches from plastic when it is exposed to hard use or high temperatures – so it’s not advisable to leave your plastic bottle in the car on a hot Australian summer day, and then drink the water later after it cools.

Eat more fruit and veg

Find a nice place to shop that inspires you with their great range of FRESH food (ie the cucumbers don’t wobble when you shake them.)

There are lots of Farmers’ Markets around now, and it can be even more fun to grow your own – even one lone tomato plant and some parsley in a pot will give you a sense of satisfaction.

If you’re in Melbourne, are fantastic… they deliver unbelievably fresh organic fruit and veg right to your doorstep!

Nibble on raw food

Kids will eat raw veggies too if you cut them up and put them on a plate on the kitchen bench. The trick is to let them ‘find’ them, don’t tell them they have to eat them!

Reduce alcohol and tobacco

If you can’t give up the fags, don’t believe it, you CAN. Keep trying and you’ll get there (remember the hare and the tortoise…). Speak with people who have been victorious and get inspired! Quit Line ( have a great ‘Quitting Toolbox’ to help you on your way.

Replace some red meat with fish

Think of all those thin Japanese people with one of the longest life expectancies in the world.

Choose organic

When possible choose organic . Chemicals made in a laboratory were never meant to be consumed – remember people have to wear protective clothing and face masks when applying them to crops.



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