Your body is like a swimming pool

If you imagine that your body is a swimming pool and your liver is the filter. Any time a contaminant, whether it is dirt or leaves etc enters the pool, it ultimately ends up in the filter.

Now imagine if someone were to dump a trailer load of dirt into the swimming pool. The filter knows how to clean it but because it is inundated, it struggles do the job. The pool is going to ‘feel’ really bad for a while until the filter can process all the dirt.

It’s the same with our liver, everyday we put toxins into it. Toxins aren’t just the bad habits and vices like smoking, alcohol and drugs, they are also preservatives and other additives in food, pesticides in our fresh fruit, over or incorrectly processed food and of course the ubiquitous fizzy, sugary drink.

Books like ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ have been enormously successful because they emphasise all the really yummy meals that can be made from whole and fresh ingredients, and if you become ‘au fait’ with preparing them – and get to enjoy it – you’ll be home and hosed.

After enjoying a cornucopia of delicious natural foods and feeling really healthy, it’s really EASY to walk past the rows of brightly coloured packs of processed food that scream ‘pick me, pick me!’


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