What’s behind Qi Tea?

One of the best things about my work day is definitely talking to the lovely people who call up to ask where they can buy a certain variety of Qi Tea or just to say ‘thank you’.    When I stop and chat and then offer to send them some samples as a thank you, I’m always amazed at how grateful they are.  Sometimes they react like I’ve just given them the keys to a new car!   I think I get that reaction because people are used to getting such bad service!

Often Qi Tea drinkers will include in an email something encouraging like  ‘Keep up the good work’.

So, what exactly is different about the way we do business compared to many larger companies you’ll find in the supermarket?

Here’s a few quick specifics;

  • When negotiating pricing with anyone I won’t try to get the lowest price – but the price at which we both make enough profit
  • Customers are people to serve, not to make money off – it’s an attitude thing!
  • We’re supposed to be serving people, not poisoning them so I stick to certified organic products with no nasties in them

In summary, I think business should treat people like people, not potential sources of revenue.    Whatever you find yourself doing today, do it with verve and vigour and always serve people to the best of your ability.   And always with a smile 🙂


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