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We appreciate the trust you place in us when you give us your personal details.

Universal Villages privacy policy covers details of how we collect and manage your information when you deal with us. It also covers how we protect your information to ensure it never gets used by any third party without your expressed permission. Universal Village is an Australian company founded on the highest of values and strives to operate ethically in all aspects of business.


You can also contact us anytime as ask for your details to be removed from our database.

Being a ‘Fair Trade’ business, operating ethically in all our dealings with all people is important to us.  Feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll talk with you about your concerns and do our best to resolve them.

Why we collect information
Universal village collects some information in order to ensure the highest levels of customer service. With our customers expressed permission it also allows us to communicate with our customers and retailers on topics such as fair trade, health, organics and new product developments. If at any time you choose to no longer receive any communications from us, you may contact us by email, phone, fax or mail and we will promptly ensure you details are removed from our system.

What information we collect
We collect some basic information from subscribers to our e-newsletter, such as email address, name and the postcode in which our subscribers live. We also collect information for other research purposes, such as survey and questionnaire results that we use to improve our products and develop new ones. We document any feedback from customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Universal village also collects basic customer activities on its websites, to determine which areas of the websites are of most interest to users. This allows us to continually improve our websites and make them more user friendly.

When we disclose your information
Privacy and respect are important values to Universal Village. Universal Village will never sell, rent or give away any personal information to any third party without your expressed permission. If however Universal Village was required by law to disclose information to a law enforcement agency or government organisation disclosure would be necessary.

How we protect your information
Universal village takes all reasonable steps to ensure your information is protected from external parties who may wish to acquire such information without permission for other purposes. Universal Village utilises high-level password protected database and employee the McAffee computer security system.

Cookies and other electronic data sources
As with most companies and organisations utilising websites, the Universal Village website utilises cookies to study traffic patterns on our websites. You can disable cookies at anytime from within your web browser, see your browsers help menu for directions.Some information gathered through our website is collected automatically in the form of log files. This is not personal information, and is commonly automatically collected by most websites. This information is not used to identify individual users, but rather to gauge traffic data within the site. Universal village also collects click through data from email communications to subscribers of our e-newsletter. This allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our communications.

Further information
Universal Village prides itself on the values of trust, privacy and fairness, and ensures your privacy and personal information is safe and respected. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our offices by phone, email, fax or mail and talk with one of our friendly staff about any concerns you may have.


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