Eloments Urban Defence with Zinc

Nourish daily. Stay Hydrated. Calming ritual. Positive mind - replenish with Eloments.

Eloments Urban Defence combines ripened raspberry, pomegranate and blueberry blended with rooibos, rosehip and cornflower for a smooth and rich tea with hints of honey


Eloments Natural Vitamin Tea is the go-to tea for people who care about the wellbeing and wellbeing of the world. Every cup of Urban Defence is also enriched with 100% natural extract of guava, which naturally includes co-nutrients and polyphenols. Zinc is an important mineral that is necessary for normal immune systems function and contributes to cell protection from free radicals which supports:


PLASTIC FREE & NOTHING ARTIFICIAL – Unlike most vitamin supplements which are synthetic, Eloments is 100% natural. Each nutrient is extracted using a water processing method, from herbs, fruits and other botanicals.


CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Eloments is Certified Organic to give you peace of mind that every cup is free of artificial ingredients and that farming is working to high standards of SUSTAINABILITY.


CERTIFIED FAIRTRADE – Eloments is Certified Fairtrade according to the world’s most robust ethical trading standards, which include fair prices for crops and labour and no child or bonded labour.

WOMEN-LED – Eloments is brought to you by a women-led, fair trade company dedicated to pursuing our collective goals for a healthier body, fairer trade and a cleaner environment



Brewing instructions: Tip any remaining vitamin particles in the envelope into your cup. Steep at 95°C for at least 4 minutes. Eloments’ nutrients will naturally release in hot water. Enjoy with or without milk or sugar.  


Let the sipping commence! 


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Nourish daily. Stay hydrated. Calming ritual. Positive mind – replenish with Eloments.



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Nourish daily. Stay Hydrated. Calming ritual. Positive mind – replenish with Eloments.


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