Eloments Gift Pack with Qi Tea Travel Tin

Nourish daily. Stay Hydrated. Calming ritual. Positive mind - replenish with Eloments.

Delight your loved ones with an Eloments Hand-made Gift Sampler GIFT Pack with GIFT tag and Qi Travel Tin containing 25 tea bags, comprising:
-Bourbon Vanilla
– Egyptian Mint
– Citrus Boost
– Urban Defence
– Summer Orange
– Ceylon Breakfast
– Qi Tea Travel Tin
TRY 6 INDULGENT FLAVORS: Try our herbal tea selection to sample the range of Eloments vitamin teas. Included are Egyptian Mint Tea (decaf spearmint & peppermint), Bourbon Vanilla (black vanilla tea with chai tea style spices), Citrus Boost (green tea with ginger & lemon), & Urban Defence (decaf rooibos tea with rosehips, berries, & pomegranate).
HEALTH BOOSTING NUTRIENTS: Up your daily nutrient intake without taking a pill. Eloments black & herbal teas contain either zinc or a blend of 8 essential vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and Vitamin C.
CLEAN LABEL & ALL NATURAL: Unlike many synthetic vitamin supplements, Eloments individually wrapped tea bags are a completely natural source of Vitamin C, B, and zinc. Each nutrient is extracted from plants using a water processing method before being added to our organic tea bags.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC: All Eloments products are certified organic by the Soil Association to give you peace of mind that each flavour in our herbal tea gift set is made from natural ingredients that have been farmed sustainably.
GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD FOR THE WORLD: Eloments tea selection box is proudly certified Fairtrade. Fairtrade is the word’s most rigorous ethical trading standard, ensuring that our tea sachets are made with tea leaves & botanicals that are ethically sourced for fair prices and are farmed without child or bonded labor.

ESSENTIAL VITAMINS – Boost your daily vitamin intake without taking a pill. Each tea bag contains essential organic vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9.


PLASTIC FREE & NOTHING ARTIFICIAL – Unlike most vitamin supplements which are synthetic, Eloments is 100% natural. Each nutrient is extracted using a water processing method, from herbs, fruits and other botanicals.


CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Eloments is Certified Organic to give you peace of mind that every cup is free of artificial ingredients and that farming is working to high standards of SUSTAINABILITY.


CERTIFIED FAIRTRADE – Eloments is Certified Fairtrade according to the world’s most robust ethical trading standards, which include fair prices for crops and labour and no child or bonded labour.

WOMEN-LED – Eloments is brought to you by a women-led, fair trade company dedicated to pursuing our collective goals for a healthier body, fairer trade and a cleaner environment



Brewing instructions: Tip any remaining vitamin particles in the envelope into your cup. Steep at 95°C for at least 4 minutes. Eloments’ nutrients will naturally release in hot water. Enjoy with or without milk or sugar.  



Let the sipping commence! 


Free delivery for online orders over $55 (applies to Australian orders only).


14 tea bags


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Nourish daily. Stay hydrated. Calming ritual. Positive mind – replenish with Eloments.



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Nourish daily. Stay Hydrated. Calming ritual. Positive mind – replenish with Eloments.


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