Green Tea for Cold and Flu

Research into the compounds in tea show that with rest, healthy foods and balmy tissues, you can beat a winter cold faster than expected


Here’s the quick science: thanks to the polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids found in green tea, which can not only help protect tissues from infection and boost immune response to infectious agents, but they may also directly kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Green tea is also full of amino acids that help to influence the brain’s chemistry at points of stress… and with the fast paced lifestyles we lead, being out of the game due to cold or flu can be extremely stressful.


Add Local Honey


Honey has antibiotic properties, and working together with tea, can really help soothe a sore and itchy throat.


And a fresh lemon slice


As we know, Vitamin C is widely considered a main player in the defence arsenal against winter illnesses. Lemon gives a great boost of Vitamin C and adds a beautiful dimension to a warm cup of green tea.

Choose a green tea with a beneficial blend

Qi Ginger Tea: Ginger is a wonderful natural anti inflammatory and gives a lovely warming sensation when drunk. Comfort in a cup for when you’re under the weather.
Qi Wellness Tea: Qi Wellness combines blueberry, pomegranate and hawthorn fruit for a range of antioxidants, and its lovely berry scent may even make it passed a stuffy nose
Qi Relax Tea: Cinnamon and cloves have been revered since before recorded history. Aside from the delicious warming taste of Qi Relax chai, cinnamon and cloves have traditionally been used in Ayurvedic and other traditional medicine to treat colds

Wishing you a healthy winter season!


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