Yellow Mountains

Grown at altitude and prepared according to age old tradition under the guidance of renowned grand Tea Master, Chen Qi Quen, Qi Teas maintain their natural sweetness and high levels of antioxidants.

Once the tea farmers pick the tea (scattered throughout the surrounding mountains), everyone walks back to the village tea processing building so the processing of the tea can start within 2 hours. This halts the oxidation of the leaf and prevents any bitterness from developing.

More natural than most

All Qi Teas are guaranteed to be free of chemicals, pesticides, formaldehyde and genetic modification (except Green Tea Plus is currently under organic conversion). The bags are not bleached and are free from glue and aluminium staples. Qi teas are independently certified organic by international accreditation body Ecocert, as well as the Soil Association in the UK.

Our tea bags are ‘special’!

There is no glue used in the construction of Qi tea bags. The tea bag paper has a high % of plant fibre, which, when heated has glue like qualities and the bagging machine simply presses the paper together to seal it.

You will notice our tea bags are yellowish in colour, whereas mainstream brands have white bags. That is because our tea bag paper is completely unbleached. Also, if you are an energetic jiggler (or you use a little too much vigour when opening the tea bag envelope) occasionally the string will come loose from the tea bag. This is because no glues or staples are used to attach the string (aluminum has been linked with Alzheimer’s). The string is simply held in place by the naturally occurring resinous fibres in the tea bag paper. We apologise if occasionally your string comes loose… we are working on a solution that won’t taint or pollute your delicious cup of tea. In the meantime… take a deep breath and relax when you are jiggling!

Qu Tea Village life‘Forest’ tea

Qi tea is sourced from tea bushes (camellia sinensis) that grow in small clusters on the mountainsides around the village of Xitou (pronounced Sheetoh).

Unlike mainstream teas, Qi does not come from a plantation, but the tea bushes grow amongst the other native flora of the Yellow Mountains. In that sense, Qi tea really is the most environmentally/ecosystem friendly tea you can buy.

There are limited roads into the mountainous areas where the bushes grow, hence the farmers have to walk in, pick the tea and carry it out.

Compostable products are far greener than biodegradable

Compostable products break down roughly between 30-120 days, whereas biodegradable products take much longer and will usually emit methane (because the landfill environment lacks the micro-organisms and oxygen required for it to degrade naturally).

village by the water